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About Us

Ecogreentours Srl

Our business was born out of the passion for tourism!

My name is Greg and I am one of the partners and managers of the Ecogreentours. A few years ago my wife and I went to Italy on our honeymoon. We didn’t plan our stay in Florence much but a few days before we got there we read about Florence in order to plan our time there. When we arrived , we were very confused and we didn’t know what we should see first. We explored the city chaotically from morning til night. After the first day we were exited but very tired.The next day we decided to see what interested us at a slower pace but even so we couldn’t see all that we had initially planned.

Since 2007 Peter and Marcin had the electric car business in Krakow and Prague. Marcin lived in the small, quiet village in the Alps for a few years. It was slow way of life without much excitement. Piotr had always dreamt about Italy because of his passion for history and geography. He felt the vivid culture of the peninsula which drew him there like a magnet. In 2012, we had a family reunion and we started talking about traveling and adventure. I happened to mention my unfulfilled dream about Florence to my brothers and all of a sudden the idea was born - we knew that we were onto something big. Infact the idea of Eco Green Tours Florence from being just a dream started to become reality!!

In Florence we were joined by Sinisa, a very experienced guide who knows Florence like the back of his hand. His years of experience in tourism has taught him that quality, service and putting our customers first is the secret to success. He helped us develop our multiple tours with emphasis and his wide experience.

Our Company

Ecogreentours is the revolutionary travel agency and tour operator. The innovative electric carts can be driven quietly in the strictly reserved historical centre through narrow streets and across the bridges of the town.

The main service is the Electric Cart Tours Florence and our priority is to make our guests feel comfortable and have fun with us

We have chosen Electric carts as electricity is the new, clean energy resource which is preferred by most people all over the planet; it is environment friendly means of transport.

Luxury cart because it is easy-slow driving, safe for guests and pedestrians; very comfortable and suitable for families, the very young and senior citizens; aesthetically they do not disturb the beauty of the streets, palaces, and squares in Florence.

Ecogreentours professional philosophy is to promote the local traditional dishes, to promote the sale of local handicrafts and to satisfy the new travel touristic expectations.

In a world where time is short, we take good care of our guests and listen carefully to their every need; we deeply believe in our mission which is delivering quality service and Customer satisfaction.

We carefully organize guided tours and excursions for travellers who have short or long stays in town so that our guests will have treasured memories of Florence.

We cooperate with multi language, licensed tour leaders and local experienced guides who will accompany our guests throughout.

Ecogreentours is the perfect answer to the real needs of the world of tourism in Florence.

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