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Code FI-004
Destination Florence
Category oraacc
Duration 1 h

Avoid long lines and spend your time enjoying the masterpieces of the Renaissance. On our guided tour you will discover the story of the Statue of David, which is one of the most stunning art treasures renowned throughout the world. The tour begins by  viewing the early works of the Renaissance and ends by admiring Michelangelo's magnificent statues. His talent and his incredible life will be revealed to you by a highly qualified tour guide who will make your visit to Florence unforgettable. After the guided tour you will be free to walk around the museum on your own to absorb  the spirit of the Renaissance.

Available Tour: Daily (except on Mondays and Dec. 25th/Jan. 1st)
Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian
Other languages are available upon request
Reservation: Required 

The tour require minimum 4 participants

RESERVATION: Reservation are required 4 days before tour
STARTS: 10.15 am - 1.30 pm  - 3.30 pm

WHERE: Main Entrance Accademia - Via Ricasoli n°60. 

Please be there 15 mins prior to tour. 

Our assistant will be waiting for you. Please keep your voucher ready to hand in.



Adults: 65,00 Euro
Kids 65,00 Euro
Toddlers (0-2): free

Dear Guest! Due to the popularity of the Accademia please be aware that “skip the line tickets”, offered during high season, might still require some waiting. 

Please note: the tour will be in one language only.

Passport or a copy of an ID card is required.


  • Reserved entrance ticket
  • Highly qualified/Licensed guide
  • High-end radio headsets (when more than 2 people)


Prices and information on private or group tours are available upon request. 

Please be aware that we also offer advantageous packages.  - mobile +39 366-9545154


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